Old Gold Mine Old Gold Mine Rated Stars Old Gold Mine - Hidden Object - Escape Game - You are lost in an old gold mine - get out! Adventure - Point 'n Click Cave Labyrinth Cave Labyrinth Rated Stars Trapped in the creepy cave...try to make your way out...alive! Adventure - Point 'n Click White and Black Room White and Black Room Rated Stars There are no easy ways out from White and Black room. Solve the puzzles, combine items and Adventure - Point 'n Click Antiquities Storehouse Antiquities Storehouse Rated Stars Use your hidden object and combining skills to steal the vase. Adventure - Point 'n Click Leprechaun's Gold Leprechaun's Gold Rated Stars You have never been closer to the Leprechaun's treasure then now. You can almost feel it.. Adventure - Point 'n Click Theft At The Museum Theft At The Museum Rated Stars As a professional thief you are here for the jackbot - The Golden Buddha Statue. Adventure - Point 'n Click No Name Room Escape No Name Room Escape Rated Stars No name room escape game, with no easy ways out. Solve puzzles, find hints and combine ite Adventure - Point 'n Click Big Island Escape Big Island Escape Rated Stars Find the missing items and leave the island! Adventure - Point 'n Click Sunken Treasures Sunken Treasures Rated Stars What can be a bigger win to an archaeologist to find the ancient treasure! Adventure - Point 'n Click Smart Dungeon Escape 2 Smart Dungeon Escape 2 Rated Stars It's not easy being a criminal, once again you find yourself from the dungeon! Adventure - Point 'n Click Bond Escape Bond Escape Rated Stars Agent 007 is in trouble. He needs to rescue his last girlfriend! Escape! Adventure - Point 'n Click Pharaoh's Tomb Pharaoh's Tomb Rated Stars Lost in ancient pharaoh's tomb there seems to be now ways out. Escape! Adventure - Point 'n Click Poker Time Poker Time Rated Stars Escape the poker fever! Your friends are here in few minutes, hurry up to set everything r Adventure - Point 'n Click Maya's Treasure Maya's Treasure Rated Stars Solve the maya´s mystery and puzzle your way out from this ancient place. Good luck! Adventure - Point 'n Click Christmas Promise Christmas Promise Rated Stars You promised that this Christmas everything will be perfect, but you are late, as always.. Adventure - Point 'n Click Urban School Legend Urban School Legend Rated Stars There is an urban legend about a ghost that comes out to haunt the school at 7PM sharp. Adventure - Point 'n Click
River Escape River Escape Rated Stars Lost in the forest, but luckily you have found a motoroller. Adventure - Point 'n Click Lake Escape Lake Escape Rated Stars Before escaping from the forest lake you need some things which will help you. Adventure - Point 'n Click Desert Escape 2 Desert Escape 2 Rated Stars Lost in the desert, but luckily you have found a car. Adventure - Point 'n Click Smart Dungeon Escape Smart Dungeon Escape Rated Stars Trapped in a small dungeon with bulletproof locks there are no easy ways out... Adventure - Point 'n Click Cinema Escape Cinema Escape Rated Stars This time you find yourself locked in the cinema and only way out is ... Adventure - Point 'n Click Island Escape 2 Island Escape 2 Rated Stars You are stuck in the island. Before escaping you need some things. Adventure - Point 'n Click Beach Escape Beach Escape Rated Stars After a successful bank robbery whole LA police is chasing you, escape! Adventure - Point 'n Click Desert Escape SAG Desert Escape SAG Rated Stars Lost in the desert, but luckily you have found a car. Adventure - Point 'n Click Island Escape Island Escape Rated Stars You are stuck in the island. Before escaping you need to collect some things. Adventure - Point 'n Click Hangar Escape Hangar Escape Rated Stars This time you find yourself in the navy hangar and only way out is to launch the bomber. Adventure - Point 'n Click Garden Escape Garden Escape Rated Stars Find your way out from Royal garden finding different items and combining them! Adventure - Point 'n Click Swimming Pool Escape Swimming Pool Escape Rated Stars Try to find your way out or else you´ll find yourself in a silly situation. Adventure - Point 'n Click Training Camp Escape Training Camp Escape Rated Stars Locked in the army dormitory...and the training has just started. Hurry up! Adventure - Point 'n Click U-boat Escape U-boat Escape Rated Stars Find you way out from submarine, but hurry up there's not much air left! Adventure - Point 'n Click Wedding Escape Wedding Escape Rated Stars It's time to escape your own wedding, hurry up before it's too late! Adventure - Point 'n Click Stoneage Assassin 2 Stoneage Assassin 2 Rated Stars A suspenseful and action filled shooter set in the stoneage period. Shooter - First Person Endless Anesthesia Endless Anesthesia Rated Stars Something horrible has happened there and he must figure out a way to escape. Adventure - Point 'n Click Saloon Escape Saloon Escape Rated Stars Era - few years after Civil War...Place - a grungy saloon somewhere in the wild west. Adventure - Point 'n Click Gambling Room Escape Gambling Room Escape Rated Stars Era - 1932 October... Place - underground gambling room in LA... Situation - trapped! Adventure - Point 'n Click Escape Victorian Room Escape Victorian Room Rated Stars Situation - trapped! Adventure - Point 'n Click Mount Eruption Mount Eruption Rated Stars Save Bob´s family by ejecting them to safer grounds using the ejector device. Skill - Toss Avalon Escape Avalon Escape Rated Stars The heroes never die... Escape from Avalon Castle and let the legend continue... Adventure - Point 'n Click Stoneage Enigma Stoneage Enigma Rated Stars Puzzle your way through tricky mazes of a prehistoric world! Puzzles - Sliding Stoneage Blast Stoneage Blast Rated Stars Take control of a young cave boy and his prehistoric beast as they fight to defend Earth. Shooter - Horizontal Flight Stoneage Assassin:Revenge Stoneage Assassin:Revenge Rated Stars Stoneage Assassin is a dark tale of revenge that takes place in a prehistoric age. Shooter - First Person